Pantha Du Prince & the Bell Laboratory 'Elements of Light' (album stream)

Pantha Du Prince & the Bell Laboratory'Elements of Light' (album stream)
For Pantha Du Prince's latest album, German producer Hendrik Weber teamed up with the the Bell Laboratory and composed a symphony for a unique instrument called a bell carillon. Entitled Elements of Light, it drops on January 15 through Rough Trade, and you can stream it now on

The album features synthesizers and percussion accompanied by a bell carillon, which consists of 50 bronze bells and weighs three tonnes. Lars Petter Hagan acted as arranger and conductor, while Vegar Sandholt played the instrument. Sandholt was playing the instrument the first time Weber ever heard it, which was in the summer of 2010 in Oslo, Norway.

Elements of Light includes five tracks, each named after an element of light ("Wave," "Particle," "Photon," etc.), although there are no traditional song breaks and the album can be listened to as a single continuous composition.

Check out the results below and read Exclaim!'s new interview with Weber about the record here.