Panda Bear Reveals Labels to Release Pre-Tomboy Singles

Panda Bear Reveals Labels to Release Pre-<i>Tomboy</i> Singles
After confirming that his forthcoming album, Tomboy, will be preceded by a limited-edition seven-inch of the title-track from Paw Tracks, Panda Bear has revealed the different labels on deck to release future singles.

As Pitchfork reports, the Animal Collective member will release at least three more seven-inch singles in the coming months, fulfilling his promise made in May that there would be a singles series to precede Tomboy's tentative release in September. Those singles, though unnamed as of yet, will be released by Kompakt, Domino and Fat Cat, individually.

No dates have yet been confirmed for those singles' releases, but the first in the series on Paw Tracks is due out on July 13.