Paint It Black "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs"

Paint It Black 'Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs'
Philly hardcore crew Paint It Black end a four-year absence on April 2 when they issue their Invisible EP through No Idea. Just ahead of schedule, though, Dan Yemin and the rest of the boys have served up a stream of the face-crunching opener "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs."

While its front end is filled with tough-guy hardcore arrangements, "Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs" finale features some Swiz-styled guitar eeriness blended into the aggression. Lyrically, Yemin sends out a missive to a nation of emotionless, sleep-deprived individuals ("We no longer feel pain, that's what the medicine's for").

As previously reported, the rest of the six-song Invisible EP finds the band dealing with themes of parenthood, "deliberately resisting corrupt mainstream value systems" and "brutal, devastating loss."