Our Theory Our Theory

The pull of the dance floor versus the introspection of the studio and all its toys has undone many a funky jazz project. Not this one. Thirsty Ear’s stock in trade has been to draw from a network of predominantly free improvisers with jazz backgrounds to create electronically infused freedom sounds. Nublu on the other hand, is about the club and the different sounds that will work in that environment. This record isn’t a free jazz crossover but there’s a strong groove behind the shredded electronics of each song. There are plenty of jazz signifiers, especially in the big, bold tones from the front line of Eric Truffaz and Ilhan Ersahin. Trumpeter Truffaz in particular sounds energised in a way that’s never come across on his Blue Note releases. From the circular, dub-y riffs on "Yeah, That’s Right” to the crazy, smudged blasts of "Nu,” he plays with abandon throughout. The rhythm section of Jochen Rueckert and Matt Penman keep it locked together though; they have just enough subdivision of groove in their playing to create great effects but keep at least a head-nodding rhythm through each song. The skilful use of electronics and dub augment the compositions and expand the tonal variety. It’s closing time at the bar, you’ve still got six hours left in your acid trip and this is the soundtrack. (Nublu) (Nublu)