oOoOO Our Love is Hurting Us

oOoOOOur Love is Hurting Us
Over the past decade, electronic music has usurped indie rock as the (new) true DIY art form. That's why you might forgive critics and listeners for allowing releases like oOoOO's debut self-titled EP to be buried beneath the growing heap of homemade glo-fi, nu rave and witch house. It's only with the release of Christopher Dexter Greenspan's (aka oOoOO) follow-up that people have really found something to blindly point out. The San Fran-based producer's five-track EP, Our Love is Hurting Us, has been criticized for sounding too similar to his aforementioned 2010 debut, as songs like "TryTry" and "Break Yr Heart" work off of the same echoed synth, crackly drum breaks and goth-y moods. But numbers like "Springs" and "NoWayBack," featuring the "good witch/wicked witch" vocals of Berlin Germany's Butterclock, may show that oOoOO is willing to move forward with his music, just not at the destroy-and-rebuild pace that the average ADD-afflicted hipster has grown to crave. (Tri Angle)