Onesidezero Is This Room Getting Smaller

The "bottom of the gut" voice of Jasan Radford helps to define a sound for Onesidezero. The triple guitar team (Levon Sultanian, Brett Kane and Radford) and the rhythm section (bassist Cristian Hernandez and drummer Rob Basile) create a moody, echoing feel on each song. Tracks like "The Day We Lied" magnify emotional sentiment with beautiful acoustic guitar work, but after a couple of listens the few flaws of this record become clearer, and I get the sense that Onesidezero is holding back on this disc. Is This Room Getting Smaller is a polished record, with the influence of producer Jim Wirt (Incubus) and mixer David Bottrill (Tool) apparent, but the powerful drive the band has on a few tracks fades a little too quickly. There is potential with this band that is not captured on this disc. (Maverick)