OM Advaitic Songs

OMAdvaitic Songs
Calling OM a traditional doom/stoner band is not only musically incorrect, but lazy. Founder Al Cisneros intentionally strayed from his most well known project, Sleep, into a musical collaboration that speaks to his spirituality and a more introspective phase of his life. OM's fifth album, second with drummer Emil Amos, Advaitic Songs is rich and lush, adding harder layers to their traditional psychedelic, Middle-eastern sound. Opener "Addis" gives a nod to their earlier work, resplendent with female vocals sung in Hindi and a light application of strings. In some ways, this serves as a fitting opener of what was once standard for the duo, as well as an introduction to the new textures they're experimenting with. "State of Non-Return" features the Cisneros we love best, as his electro-fuzzed-out bass is positioned front and center, and while Amos has been unfairly compared to former drummer Chris Hakius, and might not be as experimental with his percussion techniques, he adds quite a great deal of strong rhythmic groove, especially to "Sinai." Their best album to date, Advaitic Songs shows OM moving into modernity and relying less on tribalistic rhythms, but the sense of calmness will always be their signature. (Drag City)