Okpk Hollow

Michael Red's Low Indigo imprint has been patiently, almost painstakingly gathering momentum for the last couple of years on Canada's west coast. A prominent figure in Vancouver's bass and dubstep scene throughout the years, Red's own productions tend to lurk in the eerier corners of dub, and that same aesthetic can easily be heard seeping into the label itself. Their slogan is "..only when it feels right," a phrase that's not only beautifully suited to Low Indigo's process as a whole, but perfectly relevant to their latest release from Victoria's Okpk, too.
The punished R&B vocals of opener "It Was Love" immediately draws the listener down deep into the darkness of thick sub-sonic stabs and distortion, offers only brief, shining glimmers of respite. While the intriguing "Know That" follows much the same suit, "Do It Again" is both more ominous and more luminous than its predecessors, making it the EP's dichotomous highlight.
Electronic music fans — especially those who favour the darker side of things — should keep a watchful eye on Low Indigo and its offspring. They've been so consistent over the past couple of years that it's easy to get excited about their future. (Low Indigo)