Numero Group Unearths Lost Album from '70s Metal Act Medusa

Numero Group Unearths Lost Album from '70s Metal Act Medusa
This month, we learned that archival kingpins the Numero Group were about to release a funky, possibly Prince-assisted LP from '70s ensemble the Lewis Connection, but it turns out they'll also be exploring some heavier sonic territory from the era when they issue an unreleased LP from relatively unknown Chicago hard rock unit Medusa.

Numero will offer up the group's First Step Beyond on February 12. The seven-song set, further described in an LP trailer as a "psychedelic sorcerer mind fuck," is the only material Medusa ever recorded and was laid to 4-track tape by the band back in 1975. The masters were apparently sitting in the drummer's basement, but have now been dusted off by the reissue imprint for a proper vinyl release. You can sample Black Sabbath-inspired opener "Strangulation" down below.

The 180-gram LP will be preserved in "cushy mock-velvet and screened in blood red and gold." As you can see in the picture above, the artwork is adorned with a goat-head pentagram, some beastly paws and, naturally, the snaky head of Medusa. The trailer, which you can see at the bottom of the page, guarantees that the set will turn you to stone, but the joint-blazing nature of the tunes may also get you, well, stoned.

This is Numero's first excursion into "the outer reaches of proto-metal, scuzzball garage, frazzled psychedelia, and spit polish glam," and the label will apparently be rolling out similarly minded releases throughout 2013.

First Step Beyond:

1. Strangulation
2. Transient Amplitude
3. Frustrations Foot
4. Temptress
5. Feelings Of Indifference
6. Black Wizard
7. Unknown Fear