No Matter What Their Emails Say Animal Collective Don't Want Album Leaked

No Matter What Their Emails Say Animal Collective Don't Want Album Leaked
There's no question that Animal Collective fans are chomping at the bit to hear the band's upcoming album, Merriweather Post Pavilion. In fact, it seems some people out there want the record so badly that they hacked into the band's email account today (December 17) and urged a UK website to leak the album.

This morning, the The Quietus reported that they had received a message from Animal Collective's Brian Weitz (aka Geologist), urging the publication to leak all the tracks from Merriweather Post Pavilion, which, other than the songs "Brothersport" and "My Girls," has not yet prematurely hit the internet.

The supposed Weitz-penned message reads:

It has come to my attention that two full-length tracks off of our upcoming album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, have surfaced online. David, Noah, and I please ask that someone assist us and leak all of the remaining tracks on the album.

"The album is intended to be heard as a whole, and nothing bothers us more than individual tracks leaking and ruining the the overall album experience.

-€“ Brian, Geologist

Being the skeptical individuals they are, the folks over at The Quietus questioned the legitimacy of the email. And while their web geeks found nothing wrong with the email per se, they did decide to reply to it.

Here's what came back a few minutes later: "Hey Luke, thanks for checking in. Our email was indeed hacked. We are not calling for our album to be leaked. Thanks, Brian, AC."

So, yes, apparently some tech-savvy individual wants to hear Merriweather Post Pavilion so desperately that he or she has stooped to the low level of hacking a band's email and sending out fake, potentially damaging emails.

Animal Colletive "Brothersport"