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Drool Sucker

No JoyDrool Sucker
The first in a series of EPs coming from No Joy in the coming months, Drool Sucker further explores the territory last year's More Faithful touched upon, bringing more traditional rock riffs and less distortion than their earlier works. This is still noisy, intense music worth blaring at high volume, but there are riffs within these tight ten minutes that will remind listeners of early Modest Mouse. No Joy retain some of their dreamier roots but bring more guitar leads, more traditional hooks and some excellent solos to the package.
"XO (Adam's Getting Married)" is an example of this balance, opening in a wash of noise and distortion but filling itself out with solid leads as it moves from an almost Alvvays-esque chorus to a wash of beautiful fuzz. Drool Sucker has a solid arc to it, and makes good use of various well-placed sounds — the album opens with a ringing phone that the band answer with an intense riff, reminiscent of the "Listen to THIS" scene in Back to the Future. Closer "Theme Song" blends a countdown into its bridge, adding a sense of anticipation and mystery.
Drool Sucker is a great EP that foretells an interesting direction for the band — this coming series is one to watch. (Top Shelf)
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