Nicki Minaj Unveils Title and Release Date for Debut LP

Nicki Minaj Unveils Title and Release Date for Debut LP
Like her Young Money labelmate Drake, top-notch female rapper Nicki Minaj has been building momentum on the strength of some early mixtapes, cranking out hits and adorning magazine covers without ever releasing a proper album. Unlike Drake, however, we're hoping her long-awaited album will cash in on her mass appeal with some top notch hip-hop, instead of the LiveJournal set to beats that was Thank Me Later.

Minaj finally announced her debut album earlier today (August 4) via Twitter. The record is called Pink Friday, and will be released on November 23 - just three days before Black Friday. Yesterday, Minaj spent some time chatting about the record on Ustream.

According to MTV News, Minaj promised a new level of material unlike the endless stream of leaks and bootlegs on the Internet.

"So whenever, you know, people have been leaking shit and taking vocals and putting it on wack-ass beats and all this shit, none that shit is off of my album and when something comes out that is off my album, I'll let you know," she said.

In addition to the new material, the album will feature appearances from her new alter-ego, Roman Zolanski. Now we're really curious about what kind of Polanski-referencing will be on this record.