Nicki Minaj Slams "White Media" Following Twitter Spat with Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj Slams "White Media" Following Twitter Spat with Taylor Swift
Yesterday (July 21), MTV revealed the nominees for this year's edition of the Video Music Awards, with Taylor Swift garnering a leading nine nominations. Nicki Minaj, however, was less than pleased with her acknowledgements in the Best Female Video and Best Hip Hop Video, making it clear [via Twitter] that she felt her "Anaconda" clip deserved a spot on the list for Video of the Year.

In her online tweet spree, Minaj expressed disappointment that the clip was left off the list — especially given the impact it's had on pop culture since its release.
Minaj went on to say that she believes the Video of the Year snub was a racially charged decision.
Things really blew up, though, when Swift joined the conversation. Interpreting Minaj's tweet as a pointed criticism of her "Bad Blood" clip, Swift took the jab personally and responded by trying to keep the feminist peace. Minaj denied any attack against Swift and reciprocated the love.
Minaj claimed that she wasn't targeting Swift (though a string of retweeted messages from fans doesn't do much to support that theory), and tried to drive home her point about the media's unfair coverage of black women. In a since deleted tweet, radio personality Ryan Seacrest took Swift's side and spun the story to make her look like the victim of a cat fight in the situation. Minaj called him out for perpetuating the tactics of white media.
Despite Swift's attempt at keeping the peace, many in the Twitterverse accused her of taking Minaj's totally valid points about the portrayal of black women in media and slotting it in to a storyline that portrays Swift as the victim.
Things were left in a rather tense state with Minaj's last RT reading:
The MTV Music Video Awards air on August 30, and as always, it's sure to be a night filled with drama. Maybe this year, though, a bigger message like Minaj's will actually cut through the clashing egos of flashy music stars and get some time in the spotlight.