Nickelback Roast Royal Blood in Twitter Spat

Nickelback Roast Royal Blood in Twitter Spat
Design by Kyle Mabson
If there's one best-kept secret in the world of Canadian music, it's that Nickelback aren't as bad as they seem. Sure, the band are cheesy as all hell, but they've also got some hefty guitar riffs and an anthemic chorus or two. Plus, they're far too easy to make fun of.

That's a fact that even Chad and the boys are well aware of, and they routinely shut down hecklers through their Nickelback Twitter account. Most recently, they got in a minor spat with UK rockers Royal Blood.

The band (who, if we're honest, don't sound much different than Nickelback) chose to compare Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to Nickelback in a simple tweet:

Rather than let it go, Nickelback had the perfect response: