Nick Catchdubs / Fordinho / Teddy Celebration Hi-Fi Club, Calgary AB June 7

As a former associate editor for FADER, graphic designer for Stüssy and other big-ticket clients, celebrated remixer and cofounder of the Fool’s Gold label with A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, carries a lot of weight with him wherever he goes. So the prospect of Catchdubs making an appearance at Calgary’s Hi-Fi Club as part of their "Fool’s Gold vs. Hi-Fi Club” series should have drawn a sold-out crowd anticipating the tastemaker’s performance, but it didn’t. Instead, there was a near-capacity mix of true music heads and some unfortunate macho douches that, while distracting with their constant high fives and passing out, failed to ruin. Teddy Celebration opened the night with his fun and quirky blend of old school hip-hop, dance, and soul. This kept the crowd dancing hard until Fordinho continued the momentum, adding some sock-hop oldies to the mix. As resident DJs at the Hi-Fi, Teddy Celebration and Fordinho have honed their skills to the point where they could have been the night’s only acts and the crowd still would have left satisfied. Fresh off the heels of his much-blogged, Seinfeld-themed Mixtape About Nothing with rapper Wale, Nick Catchdubs jumped into the mix with little fanfare and no grand introduction. Still, he managed to indulge the crowd in everything from chopped and screwed Jay-Z to some ’90s dance (I’m talking Deee-Lite). The Fool’s Gold promotion was minimal, but he did inspire the whole crowd to go wild with the repeated refrain of Kid Sister’s "Pro Nails.” Though his reputation suggests a hipper-than-thou entrepreneur of snobbery, Nick Catchdub’s straightforward party-starting set demonstrated that he’s just a music nerd like the rest of us.