The Howling Hex Return with New Album

The Howling Hex Return with New Album
One year on from the release of the Howling Hex's last album Wilson Semiconductors, the Neil Hagerty-led ensemble have announced their somewhat misleadingly titled but potentially truthful follow-up, The Best of the Howling Hex. This isn't a greatest-hits set, mind you, but an all-new LP. It drops February 19 through Drag City.

While the tracklisting features eight song titles, a press release for the LP wildly promises "seven shortish songs that weave the wild spirits and far-flung textures of Wilson Semiconductors into tightly compressed sing-songs, before turning the jam out to bring the levee home."

The album apparently found the outfit undergoing some changes, with Hagerty assembling a new lineup following a move from southern New Mexico to Denver. It's said the move evolved the group's recent lo-fi "New Border rhythms" towards "a high-stepping, uptempo night on the tiles," but sound samples have yet to arrive.

The Best of the Howling Hex:

1. Built a Friend
2. Primetime Clown
3. Highlights
4. Electric Northern
5. Street Craps 
6. The General Prologue
7. Green Limousine
8. Trashcan Bahamas