Naw Green Nights Orange Days

Long-time laptopper Naw offers up a beautifully balanced ambient glitch album for his latest release. The sometime Toronto, sometime Montreal inhabitant has created a cohesive set of tracks that, while unobtrusive, aren’t wallpaper. Understated bass lines pulse on the verge of thumping while sustained fluid expanses of the mid ground undulate beneath blurred strokes of melody. Repetition is key, but the music never gets mired in reoccurring themes. "Mid Winter Sailboat Rescue” features variations on what sounds like a fishing rod casting out, whereas the last track "Penny Sifting North on Bay,” becomes more abstract as if it were ramping down to let the listener off gently. Small changes keep the music present, emotive and moving. Naw is constantly paying attention to the little sounds that usually go unnoticed in life, and although it’s hard to extract the original inspiration for the songs, a sense of pedestrian flow and observation remains. Low key and sophisticated, Green Nights Orange Days both soothes and intrigues. (Noise Factory)