Napalm Death Utilitarian

Napalm DeathUtilitarian
Legendary UK grindcore act Napalm Death return with Utilitarian, their 14th studio album (excluding their 2004 covers release, Leaders Not Followers). With an onslaught of their iconic, visceral sound, the new record showcases exactly why Napalm Death have been one of grind's most influential and revered bands for generations. While none of the founding members remain, the line-up have been consistent for the last two decades, and the same can be said for their music. Napalm Death's classic sound remains intact on Utilitarian, which is exactly what fans of the band expect. "Errors in the Signals" and "Quarantined," in particular, feature speedy, furious grind riffs and Mark "Barney" Greenway's fierce, gritty vocals, which are exceptionally dark on "Leper Colony." The album also features some musical diversity, such as on the groove-tinged "Fall on Their Swords," as well as on standout track "The Wolf I Feed," which features Burton C. Bell-style vocal harmonies, courtesy of guitarist Mitch Harris. With their traditional sound mixing well with some new elements, Utilitarian marks the next chapter in Napalm Death's impressive career. (Century Media)