Mux Mool Planet High School

Mux MoolPlanet High School
Just as instrumental electronic music fell out of favour in the past few years, Ann Arbor's Ghostly International released (excellent) records from Gold Panda, Com Truise and Tycho ― three musicians crafting classic-sounding, rhythm-driven electro. This could explain why Skulltaste, the debut album from Ghostly instrumentalist Mux Mool, got lost in the shuffle upon its 2010 release. It's okay though, as follow-up Planet High School can be digested without a proper primer. The album's ten dirty bass, hydraulically placed rhythms come off like a more focused, implicit version of the Minnesota-born laptopper's previous work. Songs like "Palace Chalice," "The Butterfly Technique" and "Raw Gore" work equally well as toe-tapping background noise or absorbing think pieces due to their brick-thick layering and smooth-as-mortar structures. Whether Mux Mool is sweating and stewing over a single beat ("Cash for Gold") or allowing the mood to take control ("Baba"), it's clear that Planet High School warns of a career-musician-in-training, one that can already be taken as seriously as he wants you to. (Ghostly International)