Murs & 9th Wonder Sweet Lord

On the condition that his fans buy his anticipated major label debut, Murs For President, Murs and super underground producer 9th Wonder have reconvened for this free download. Of their trilogy, Sweet Lord is so far the most benign and mama-friendly. It’s also the most positive, dedicated to uplifting listeners with gratitude, most evident on "And I Love It,” where they revisit the perfections of life’s trivialities. On "Free,” Murs celebrates his, and our, personal liberty but makes a point of the obstacles still hobbling America. "Pusshhhhhh” has Murs encouraging everybody’s grind to get by and live while they can. Of course, no Murs project would be complete without witty love ballads. He delivers these in the Tarantino-esque storytelling of "Nina Ross” and "Marry Me,” which isn’t as successful. Sweet Lord is not the best of the trilogy but it quenches the hunger these men have inspired since 2004. (Independent)