Mungolian Jetset Mungodelics

Mungolian JetsetMungodelics
In less than a decade, Mungolian Jetset have positioned themselves as post-modern jazzists (2006's Beauty Came to Us in Stone), club-friendly remixers (2009's We Gave it All Away… Now We Are Taking it Back) and progressive electronicists (2011's Schlungs). Therefore, it's a bit disheartening to see the Norwegian duo repeating themselves on Mungodelics. Giving the remix-meets-originals-meets-remixed-originals treatment to eight more tracks, Mungodelics works as an hour-long journey through deep-sea beats and psychedelic chasms. The LP's three originals ("Smells Like Gasoline," "Mush in the Bush" and "People on Strong Stuff") find the band following typical prog-electronic song structures, letting popping rhythms mingle with ebb-and-flow synth movements. But it's their reworking of tracks by Jaga Jazzist, Knights of Jumungus and the Sjukt that allows Jetset's freak flag to fly, as the duo challenge the listener with countless rhythm, time and thematic changes. Mungodelics remains an uneven effort in design alone, promptly adding another layer of mystery to this hard-to-pin-down duo. (Smalltown Supersound)