Mr. Dibbs Primitive Tracks

Spin deserves a good, swift kick in the ass for underestimating the talents of Mr. Dibbs - placing him as only the sixth best DJ in the world. 1200 Hobos founding father Mr. Dibbs deserves to be in the top three, at the very least. He's a well-rounded DJ and turntablist that may have betters in certain categories, but in total, few can top him. With his debut on Canadian label Cease and Desist, Cincinnati, OH's Mr. Dibbs has concocted five tracks of laid-back beats that also doubles as the soundtrack to the Alienworkshop skate video Photosynthesis. The instrumentals are well produced but they don't really give Dibbs the credit he is due - the live 20-minute bonus track, recorded in Nashville, TN, is the real highlight. By cutting up and pasting together various breaks and vocal samples into the "treatments" Dibbs is known for, he lets you know that his live creations are just as good as his studio productions. Whatever you are looking for from a DJ - production, cuts, beat juggling, etc. - a Dibbs release will not disappoint you, and Primitive Tracks is no exception. (Cease and Desist)