Mozart's Sister Being

Mozart's SisterBeing
With two EPs already under her Mozart's Sister moniker, Caila Thompson-Hannant knows what she wants and makes that fact very clear on her debut LP, Being. Self-producing an album is always a gamble, but it's paid off in this case. While Beingwill likely draw Grimes comparisons (the two are friends and perform a similar brand of dreamy synth-pop,) her mixture of '90s throwback dance music and trip hop, diva vocals and all, are in line with the current DIY aesthetic permeating a lot of pop music, yet still very much her own.

Everything about the album is deliberately simple, but with some inspired production choices added to the mix, such as the beeping staccato throughout album highlight "Salty Tear," or the building crescendo in "Lone Wolf." Don't be surprised when Being finds itself in rotation on playlists this summer. (Paper Bag)