Motörhead Axe Salt Lake City Show After Four Songs Due to Lemmy's Breathing Difficulties

Motörhead Axe Salt Lake City Show After Four Songs Due to Lemmy's Breathing Difficulties
Hard-living rock vet Lemmy has had some health troubles in recent years, and in 2013, this led his band Motörhead to cancel a tour when he suffered surgical complications after being given a defibrillator to regulate his heartbeat. He also axed a show earlier this year due to gastric distress and dehydration. Now, Lemmy's health has once again got in the way of the band's plans, as Motörhead were forced to end their show last night (August 27) after only a few songs.

The band performed at the Complex in Salt Lake City, and Blabbermouth reports that the band left the stage after just three or four songs. According to different accounts, Lemmy apparently complained on back pain and said that he couldn't breathe.

Motörhead have since released a statement on Facebook, explaining that Salt Lake City's high elevation caused Lemmy's breathing difficulties. The statement is as follows:

The people are great, but the air is just too thin. The high altitude makes it difficult for breathing, and that's what happened with Lemmy tonight in Salt Lake City. He feels very bad to have cut the show short, but being that high up, he had some trouble breathing well. Lemmy appreciates everyone's concern. The fans always rally round!

This summer, Lemmy talked with Kerrang! about his well-being. "I've had some health scares," he said, "and I've had to really cut back on smoking and drinking and whatever. But it is what it is. I've had a good life, a good run. I do what I do still. I'm sure I'll die on the road, one way or another."

He now walks with a cane these days, and earlier this month, he told the Guardian that diabetes had forced him to switch from drinking whiskey and Coke to vodka and orange juice.

Motörhead's album Bad Magic comes out today (August 28) via UDR Music/Motörhead Records.