Moodymann Moodymann

Detroit's Kenny Dixon Junior, better known as Moodymann represents better than any living DJ the true spirit of house music, and any producer who attempts to imbue electronic music with some soul owes him a debt of gratitude. His coming was foretold by Robert Owens in the seminal Can You Feel It? He is a musical seer, channelling the spirit, hurt and soul of his native Detroit.

For his new self-titled release on his own Mahogani Music imprint, Moody moves away the deep soulful grooves that made his name and instead focuses on creating a new sound that, while retaining the breaks and drum machines that are his trademark, is now coloured with live instrumentation and Kenny's delightfully sleazy croon.

This is Moody's take on soul, so expect dark hypnotic melodies coupled with his signature chopped-up vocal tics, pulsing hardware synths and delightfully warped stories from his native home of Detroit. Guests include Jose James, Amp Fiddler and regular compatriot Andres, but Moodymann is the true star here, and long may he shine. (Mahogani Music)