Body Wash

MNDSGN's Ringgo Ancheta imagined an album on which '80s boogie/soul/funk/jazz influences meshed with the '90s R&B sound, and the result is his latest release, Body Wash.
The New Jersey-raised, L.A.-based artist's second full-length album is a subdued, slightly aloof child of Flying Lotus and Thundercat that combines the experimental, jazz-tinged influences of the former and the funk-laden sensibilities of the latter, then douses the entirety in the distinct sounds of Rhodes and Wurlitzer electric pianos. Compared to prior releases, MNDSGN's vocals are featured more prominently throughout the LP, popping up on almost every song over the two-minute mark, save for the instrumental interludes that punctuate Body Wash.
Unlike MNDSGN's prior releases however, the album suffers from a sameness of sound, employing far too similar chords and structures on most tracks, with the interludes providing the majority of variation across Body Wash, with the exception of single "Cosmic Perspective." The album has all the material necessary for a great release; it's simply lacking in its arrangement and execution. (Stones Throw)
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