M'Lumbo vs Kobalt 6 Spinning Tourists in a City of Ghosts

M'Lumbo are a trio of experimental audio artists from NYC who create a mind boggling sound collage, with their blend jazz, world rhythms and electronic effects. On their release, Spinning Tourists..., they create an environment full of bizarre samples and soundscapes that cannot be pinned into any of the multitude of genres they employ. The opening track, "Science Headquarters," blends dark and distorted vocal samples, tribal drums, drum & bass and jazz trumpet to conjure an image of mad science gone freakishly wrong. On "Call this Number and Change Your Life Forever," the mood becomes less frantic but equally challenging, sampling a vast array of mutated word blips over an ambient backdrop. The mood continues on "Sprawling Masoleums," where hundreds of spirits speak at once over electro-breakbeats, jazz guitar noodling and techno bleeps. This album challenges the listener to comprehend the multitude of parts that make up its whole but at times, it becomes schizophrenic and difficult to decipher, kind of like an acid trip - exciting, terrifying and incomprehensible. (Unit Circle Rekkids)