The Milk Cartons Kids Return with 'Monterey'

The Milk Cartons Kids Return with 'Monterey'
Since releasing 2013's Ash & Clay, California folk duo the Milk Cartons Kids have toured heavily and released one of their shows as a live DVD. Now, they're looking to capture that same live spirit on their new album, which is called Monterey and will be out on May 19 through Anti-.

A press releases notes that band members Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan shunned studios this time around, instead writing and recording on stages (but with no one in the audience). According to a press release, this allowed them to "perform for the record with the same fearlessness and spontaneity usually only achieved in live concert." Additional tunes were captured in a church.

Their two-part harmonies apparently aren't quite as close this time around, and the singers' individual voices are more distinct. The lyrics, meanwhile, mix the political with the personal.

The tracklist is below. At the bottom of the page, watch a humorous trailer in which the duo awkwardly discuss the album, and listen to the tender title track.


1. Asheville Skies

2. Getaway

3. Monterey

4. Secrets of the Stars

5. Freedom

6. High Hopes

7. Deadly Bells

8. Shooting Shadows

9. The City of Our Lady

10. Sing, Sparrow, Sing

11. Poison Tree