Miike Snow Happy To You

Miike SnowHappy To You
Still riding the wave of a phenomenal 2009 self-titled debut, which garnered speed months after its release (with myriad remixes of its debut single, "Animal," by the likes of Crookers, Fake Blood and Mark Ronson), Swedish indie rock electro poppers Miike Snow have emerged with their second effort, Happy To You. Like its predecessor, the new disc delivers a nice mixture of lighter fare with heavier songs acting as an anchor, though Happy To You has a distinctly animated glow. The album's first single, "Paddling Out," loops an infectious blanket of keys and an amped-up backbeat, with the occasional siren thrown in for good measure, while both "The Wave" and "Pretender," aside from being incredibly catchy, capitalize on the falsetto musings of vocalist Andrew Wyatt. Standout track "Devil's Work" plays with an expanding brass section, culminating with a moment of orchestral bliss. Add a touch of Lykke Li to the muted pulse of "Black Tin Box" and you have an album that's ready to climb the charts. (Downtown)