Thousand Thursday

MichnaThousand Thursday
After a six-year gap since Magic Monday, Michna returns with his sophomore LP, Thousand Thursday. Where Tuesday and Wednesday have gone is anyone's guess, but the period in between has been filled with DJ sets, music production for video games, film scoring and painting; in short, he's a diverse character. It's this diversity that Michna has brought to Thousand Thursday, with every track playing host to a smorgasbord of styles: dissect "Skyway TA" and you'll find parts of ambient, breakbeat, and synth wave; "Nuroq Legacy" simultaneously has elements of old-school house and glitch; "Cherry 2000" sounds like a Gorillaz instrumental with a horn section.
None of the above, however, match up to clear album highlight "She Exists in My Mind." The track's infectious synth warble immediately draws you in to an '80s vibe until the hip-hop beat drops, transporting you to another era entirely. Here, Michna nails the melding technique he seems to be going for, where two distinct styles are seamlessly interwoven. While the rest of the album never quite reaches this harmony, it's still teeming with variety.
(Ghostly International)
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