Michael Stasis Signs to Arbutus for 'RIP III' Comp

Michael Stasis Signs to Arbutus for 'RIP III' Comp
Pennsylvania-born/Los Angeles-based songwriter Michael Stasis has released more than 200 tracks in recent years, but if that huge catalogue seems a little overwhelming for new listeners, Arbutus Records is releasing a compilation that acts as an introduction of sorts. It's called RIP III, and it will be out on August 8.

As the title indicates, RIP III is actually Stasis' third compilation, although it's his first with Arbutus. The 12-track comp was largely self-recorded at home, and it showcases what Stasis refers to as a "playlist mentality" where the songs are so different that they sound as if they were made by different artists.

According to an announcement, the tracks range from "homespun folk psychedelia to frenzied Californian surf-pop to widescreen cinematic tracks driven by motorik drum machines to majestically emotive ballads."

For a taste of this, scroll past the tracklist below to hear the psych-pop opening cut "Venus of Soap." This is the title track from the 2014 album of the same name.

If you're suitably impressed, RIP III is available to pre-order on translucent orange vinyl right here.


1. Venus of Soap
2. Brown Cow
3. Crushed
4. All The Ways
5. Land of the Goths
6. Little Devil
7. The Necklace
8. Surface Area
9. The Dairy Queen
10. Greenskin
11. Pain
12. Smokey