Menomena "Plumage" (video)

Menomena 'Plumage' (video)
Menomena released Moms back in September through Barsuk Records, and as the experimental Portland pop outfit go about promoting it with a tour, they have now unveiled a video for the album cut "Plumage."

The clip is just as quirky as the song itself, as it shows the band members walking through a very barren-looking desert while gradually changing outfits in each shot. They end up dressed up in costumes that range from tennis player to gun-weirding commando to cigar-weilding playboy prior to the video's scantily-clad conclusion. If there was ever an appropriate time to do a dress-up video like this, a few weeks before Halloween is definitely it.

In a statement, director Trevor McMahan said that the video was "the ultimate illustration of the beautiful conflict in the band's music — that aural struggle between instruments and ideas that is complex, satisfying, and always unmistakably Menomena."

See Menomena's upcoming tour schedule over here, and be sure to take note of Canadian dates in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.