Memoryhouse Hint at Forthcoming Hip-Hop Collab, New Musical Directions

Memoryhouse Hint at Forthcoming Hip-Hop Collab, New Musical Directions
Dream pop pair Memoryhouse might just have released their debut full-length, but that doesn't mean they aren't already looking towards the future. Seated in a Ford Mustang on a windy day in Hollywood, the duo recently shed some light on a mysterious new hip-hop collaboration and the musical directions they're considering in the wake of The Slideshow Effect.

And what brought them to Hollywood, just weeks before their album's release? The duo's primary composer Evan Abeele is coy about the details, but he gives a tantalizing explanation nonetheless: "We're in Los Angeles recording with an R&B singer and legendary hip-hop producer. There will be a release that will see the light of day, but we can't give names yet. It won't be for a Memoryhouse release, but for the singer and his collaborator."

In the meantime, fans have plenty of Memoryhouse to sink their teeth into, but that doesn't mean the band are sitting on their laurels.

"It's only natural," asserts Abeele, "after you finish a substantial body of work, like an LP, to seek a firm aesthetic grounding for yourself to pursue after it. I've been listening to a lot of Kate Bush, and I like the solemnness of that. There's a sort of sublime aspect to her music that I think might influence our future work, but it's hard to tell right now."

Denise Nouvion's aesthetic is prepped for subtle changes as well.

"I'm kind of moving into videography now. I'm doing a lot more filming," she says. "The move from still images to a temporal medium. That might shift how I think about music and how I write music. Something continuous and time-based is closer to what music is than pictorial art, so that might change things." Nouvion adds: "I'm becoming more comfortable with using my voice, because I was never a singer before Memoryhouse. I think it'd be interesting to move in a more country-twang style of singing. Memoryhouse isn't going to be country, but I think, in the way that the vocals are more up-front..."

She drifts off, and then Abeele agrees, "In the sense that I want to be more aggressive in the future. The Years was introspective and The Slideshow Effect is trying to show a bigger picture. Going forward, I want to be somewhat startling or disquieting, perhaps. Not in a controversial way, but I really want to be able to grab attention in a way we haven't done before."

Memoryhouse's debut LP, The Slideshow Effect, is out now on Sub Pop. As previously reported, the band are in the midst of a world tour and will play Vancouver on Saturday (March 10). They also recently announced another Canadian show in Toronto, which will take place on April 13 at the El Mocambo. You can see all the group's tour stops here