MC Paul Barman It's Very Stimulating

One look at titles like "Joy Of Your World," "Salvation Barmy" and "I'm Fricking Awesome," from MC Paul Barman's debut EP, It's Very Stimulating, would make it pretty obvious that it's not a very serious album. The Jewish white boy antics on the cover don't help either. In fact, the closest Paul ever gets to having a message is on "School Anthem" (featuring Mr. Len on cuts), where he expresses the thoughts of many students on school life. The rest of the album is full of sex tales, because "my sex life is pathetic," say Paul on "An Introduction," "that's why I fantasise on four out of five songs." And he does. Rumour has it Paul Barman has been hanging with Hawd Gankstuh Rappuh Emsees Wid Ghatz, and their style seems to show through a bit on "Joy Of Your World," but in a sexual way. "Salvation Barmy" is an ingenious little tale of a woman dealing with a cheesy man on the pickup, told by Paul from the female's point of view. Guest MC Princess Superstar shines nicely on "MTV Get Off The Air, Part 2," never quite overshadowing Paul. Finely, if for no other reason, It's Very Stimulating must be heard because it is another in the long list of successes produced by Prince Paul, and may even be better than Handsome Boy Modeling School. After a few listens you too will agree: it's very stimulating. (Wordsound)