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New Glow

Matt & KimNew Glow
Matt & Kim's new album, New Glow, sounds like spring. It's a bright and cheerful record, full of excitement for brighter days, a musical optimism that has become a hallmark of their sound. The most enjoyable part of New Glow is the use musical cues usually found in hip-hop, like on opening cut "Hey Now," which comes in big with a big brassy beat, group chants and even air horn, while "Stirred Up" starts with a pitch-shifted hook that would also feel at home on an A$AP Rocky track.
The album's biggest problem is that these cues and ideas aren't used enough — throughout New Glow, Matt & Kim fall back into a more familiar sound, which begins to sound a bit repetitive by the end of the record. This is also Matt & Kim's cleanest record, trading in their usual DIY sound for a more polished vibe, which works well on some songs but can come off blandly on others. Still, beyond a few flaws, Matt & Kim have put together a fun record, and in the pop game, that comes first. (Fader)
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