Matt & Kim "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" / "Daylight"

Matt & Kim "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" / "Daylight"
If it weren't for Hall & Oates, I'd have to say that Matt & Kim are my all-time favourite duo. Live, they're probably the most entertaining twosome ever put on a stage (at least, that I've seen), though they often like to perform on the ground next to the kids that go apeshit for their hyper punk pop.

Their self-titled debut was one of the brightest moments of 2006 that managed to even catch the ear of Virgin Mobile in Canada, which used "Yea Yeah" in a TV ad. I can't really contain my excitement enough over their upcoming new album, Grand, which is set to drop soon.

Knowing full well just how antsy fans are getting for new material, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Schifino have given away two new songs that will reportedly be found on their second LP. You can find "Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare" over at RCRD LBL, aka "freebie central." Working like a shot of Ritalin, it's a doozy that replaces Matt's cheap synth with a one-two combo of piano and synthetic strings, while Kim pounds away at the bass drum and monstrous claps ring through an echo chamber. It's, dare I say, mature, but only a development like reaching puberty - they're still funsters.

"Daylight," which you can download or stream via Green Label Sound, utilizes the same team of piano and synthy strings, but again, it's not about feeling that rush of adrenaline. Kim mixes in a rackety polyrhythm that's heavy on the rimshots, while Matt sings a chorus that's distinguished and emotive enough to take them beyond the indie blogging community.

No one-trick pony here. Matt & Kim have filled in their sound with arrangements that don't alienate the bread and butter that made them beloved: drums and synth. It's all in there, just with more breathing room and a lot more to keep us entertained.

See what I mean when they stop by for three Canadian dates in November:

11/6 Montreal, QC - Il Motore
11/7 Ottawa, ON - Maverick's
11/8 Toronto, ON - Whippersnapper Gallery