Mathew Jonson Her Blurry Pictures

Mathew JonsonHer Blurry Pictures
In an era where artists struggle with identity, authenticity and balancing their creative instincts with the broader currents of the music industry, former Vancouver-based electronic producer Mathew Jonson has been able to carve out a space where his meticulously crafted vision for analog-driven techno and house has been able to flourish. Whereas Jonson's past solo work has been used as a form of emotional escapism, a period of change and inward reflection over the past couple years in his new home base of Berlin, and subsequent shift to living in India during the winter to recharge his batteries, has created a much more immediate, enthralling and emotionally connected collection of tracks. Jonson's meaty rhythms have made way for more focused, lean techno templates where synths bubble with melodies before effortlessly disappearing into the ether. While Jonson may not take any big swings on Her Blurry Pictures, he does provide enough patient acid flourishes, nimble bass lines and restrained, yet forceful percussion to draw you into his new world view. Although the West coast native may have been looking for more balance in his day-to-day life, Berlin and the grind of the road, he didn't sacrifice anything as an artist, allowing Her Blurry Pictures to not only reflect his growth as a person, but also as a producer. (Crosstown Rebels)