The Mary Onettes Get Studio's Dan Lissvik to Produce New Album

The Mary Onettes Get Studio's Dan Lissvik to Produce New Album
Since releasing their self-titled debut in 2007, Swedish pop combo the Mary Onettes have received praise over their pop-minded '70s Brit post-punk approach, but the band have apparently mined new sonic territory for their third LP, Hit the Waves.

Details for the album have yet to arrive in full, but the album is set to arrive through Labrador sometime next March. Tracked by Dan Lissvik of the late, great Studio, the record marks the first time the outfit have worked with an outside producer. A press sheet explains that "conflicts and artistic differences" have occurred in the studio, but the tension is said to have produced the Mary Onettes' "most interesting album to date."

According to press material, the album works away from the Joy Division and the Cure influence of past material, and explains that Philip Ekström crafted cuts informed by his love of Vangelis and Whitney Houston.

You can sample new number "Evil Coast" in the stream down below. While it does feature some chorus-effect-laden six-string work, the sensual slow-pop number also features some wistful chime work. The song will be available to purchase digitally November 27.

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