Marry Me, Murder Victimology

Marry Me, Murder will bring you straight back to 2006 with new EP Victimology. From the punctuated name (i.e., Drop Dead, Gorgeous) to their sound (think A Day To Remember before they mastered their songwriting and awkwardly mashed up metalcore and pop rock), the band certainly sound stuck in the past. This is a shame, because their singer actually hits some pretty impressive notes during the awkward choruses. Unfortunately for the group, their metallic side lacks anything impassioned and simply annoys with melodic-yet-still-trying-to-be-heavy riffs. Though the songs may be lacklustre, the packaging isn't; it's almost as if Marry Me, Murder thought slapping a glossy case and fancy layout on the album would distract from the boring sound. If Marry Me, Murder want to make a splash on the scene, they'll have to update their sound ― fast. (Independent)