Majical Cloudz

Berkeley Church, Toronto ON, June 18

Majical CloudzBerkeley Church, Toronto ON, June 18
Photo: Shane Parent
Before Majical Cloudz began their set, frontman Devon Welsh had a request for the crowd. He urged the crowd to make as much noise as possible in remembrance of the victims of the recent Charleston church shooting, and was obliged with roars. A sombre note to begin a show on, sure, but one that also gave the lyrics of Welsh and bandmate Matthew Otto's first song "This Is Magic" ("I see a monster standing over my crib") added emotional weight.
Despite playing a handful of Toronto shows last year, they still drew a sizeable crowd, and their performance showed how they've become stronger onstage after nonstop touring. Running through a handful of songs from their 2013 album Impersonator, including fan favourites "Bugs Don't Buzz" and "Turns Turns Turns," they also played a new song from a forthcoming project. Their music was especially suited to the venue's acoustics, as Welsh's raw, confessional lyrics floated up into the rafters and buried themselves in the nooks and crannies of the walls.

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