M.I.A. "Rewear It" (video)

M.I.A. 'Rewear It' (video)
Next week (April 18-24) marks World Recycle Week, and to raise awareness for the environmentally friendly cause, M.I.A. has teamed up with clothing retailer H&M for a new track called "Rewear It," as well as an accompanying video.
The clip features colourful fabrics and choreography from dancers around the world, from Iceland to Senegal to the United States. The campaign itself is encouraging consumers to donate old clothing to the chain store to be reused or recycled into new textile fibres.
Speaking about the corporate collaboration, M.I.A. insists that she's not merely "promoting a swimwear brand for the summer," but rather using the mainstream platform to deliver an important message about sustainability.
"If all [H&M] do is go and inspire another high-street brand to get in on caring and being conscious, or if H&M gets criticized for any of their factory processes, these are all good things," she told Vogue. "We should discuss them in public and we should have this back and forth. At least they're even stepping into the [environmentally conscious] arena. Any of those things is progressive, and I think you have to give it a chance."
"Rewear It" follows up recently released singles "MIA OLA" and "Foreign Friend." Hear and see it in the player below.