Lucyfire The Pain Song EP

I was glad to have gotten my hands on this stompy little number. Included in this four-song EP are two versions of "The Pain Song" (including a very dance floor-friendly remix), two other tracks, and if that isn't enough there's a video version of "TPS" for all you computer types. Nice little extra, especially these days when EBM outfits may need to add an extra something to sweeten the purchase of their efforts. Not to say that Sweden's Lucyfire need any help, however. This Rammstein-meets-Sisters of Mercy industrial-dance project is a blend of virtually all things that go bump in the night. A little goth, a little industrial, even a little metal thrown in for good measure. The great part of this disc is that it is just so darn catchy - sort of in the same way that "Hey now, hey now now" lyric is in that Sisters' classic "This Corrosion" are. After one listen, you're already humming the chorus, and this to me is always indicative of great dance tracks. One bit of incongruity is "Devil Blues," a slow-paced, bluesy, guitar-drenched number that just seems to drag the whole thing down a few notches. He's singing about whores, crying angels, shotguns and whiskey-coloured skies, which seems like fodder for the county and western set, but I guess we all have our honky tonk moments, right? Otherwise, the production quality is fantastic and Lucyfire's full-length album from whence "The Pain Song" came, (This Dollar Saved my Life in Whitehorse) I would gamble is equally as good. (Oblivion)