Louis Freak Show Revenge

Solemnly singing about drowning in a town of fallen towers and being confident that a straightjacket isn’t in his future, Louis’s Freak Show Revenge, although less than 20 minutes, is wonderfully majestic. With an eloquent lullaby-like quality, Louis Schefano, also known for his focal membership in late ’90s band Regia, is reminiscent of Elliot Smith, with whimpering vocals that hug gentle guitar slides and strums. Although the EP seems like it’s over before Louis has begun, it is the carefully constructed flow that makes you want to hear more. Swaying from one song to the next, this EP is an amazing composition of heartfelt intimacy; it exudes a sense of disconnection from the world while simultaneously connecting the listener as Louis illustrates moments of confidence, thumping over melodies and mesmerising as he sings about distraught sensibilities.

(Superphonic, www.superphonicrecords.com) (Superphonic)