Lost Prophets Liberation Transmission

The biggest Brit-bred emo band still have yet to crack the oversaturated market here in North America, but if it’s just a matter of quality that’s been holding them back then Liberation Transmission ought to do the job. Wales may not be the typical breeding ground for heartbreak and self-hatred, but these five dudes have a case that’s well worth hearing. Mixing elements of pop punk, screamo and radio-ready rock, Lostprophets’ ability to diversify when necessary and avoid traversing the frazzled roads of their many, many peers is what makes this third album so redeeming. "Can’t Catch Tomorrow” is undeniably catchy and oddly not as out of place as it should be, even with some uncharacteristic background vocals chanting "do-do-dodo” with complete abandon. "Rooftops” is an emo anthem in the waiting, taking nods from Jimmy Eat World’s guidebook for perfecting the uplifting, sing-along chorus that earns bands MTV Moonmen and American radioplay. The finest moment, however, is "Everybody’s Screaming!!!” which manages to stir up a danceable rhythm without turning to that tired disco beat pattern. My only suggestion is that the band reconsider using so many parentheses in their wordy song titles — it’s a transparent device that looks rather desperate to beat Fall Out Boy at a game they so own. (Sony BMG)