Lost Prophets The Fake Sound Of Progress

British metal fans are a strange bunch. They ramble on endlessly about how their nation invented heavy metal, all their influential bands and that if you trace their lineage, blah, blah, blah. So, because there have been some pretty essential successes in the past, we're all supposed to reverentially genuflect to any band who has ever escaped their rainy shores in search of cold beer and a dental plan. Now, every country has its share of bands whose members should have stayed in trade school, but in this case, national pride is deafening the listener to the facts: Incubus have not only done this, but they're still doing it! Either way, Faith No More had an album called The Real Thing, which puts everything like this to shame. Lost Prophets have a few decent songwriting moments and the production value of this is amazing, but they're trying too hard to cover all the bases and be all things to all people of all tastes. Despite all the hype on their home soil, they're nothing special. Like Don Cherry has often said, "It takes a good Canadian boy to set 'em straight." (Visible Noise)