​Lorde Unveils New Portrait by 'Melodrama' Album Cover Painter

​Lorde Unveils New Portrait by 'Melodrama' Album Cover Painter
Lorde delivered a near-perfect pop album last year with Melodrama, and now the artist who painted the New Zealand singer for the album cover has unveiled a new portrait.
Lorde shared Sam McKinniss' new painting on social media with the caption: "I see myself so clearly in this picture."
She elaborated on Twitter, adding, "When sam paints me i see myself in sharp focus, emotions fully crystallized — when this photo was taken I was fragile, anxious; feeling raw and exposed in my practice, newly 21 and looking for a sign. I see all that and more here."
See the new artistic work for yourself below. We're guessing it's only a matter of time before it joins its predecessor in the Louvre.

Notably, this time around, McKinniss captured the singer performing live. You can see Lorde perform in the flesh on her upcoming "Melodrama World Tour."
McKinniss isn't the only one sharing Lorde-related artwork as of late, though. The singer recently retweeted a photo pointing out the uncanny similarities between Lorde's live show and El Greco's classic painting "The Assumption of the Virgin."
Lorde's 2017 album Melodrama is available through Umusic on CD, digital download, black vinyl or blue vinyl.