A Constant Moth

Lord RAJAA Constant Moth
A Constant Moth is the debut LP from Lord RAJA, aka New York native Chester Raj Anand, and his second release for Ghostly International following 2013's Rubies EP. The young producer experiments with hip-hop, IDM, ambient and highly imaginative percussive narratives on A Constant Moth, with tracks like "Pistol Refix" and "Throw Them Out (System)" dropping in like little shards of Flying Lotus reincarnate to add moments of flux. Standout track "Darwin" is an expansive, all-consuming, thickly layered percussive marvel, but the album itself hinges on an almost aggressive subtlety, so much so that A Constant Moth often treads by largely unnoticed until a brief but colourful drop occurs or blown-out bass and percussion punctuate the landscape, as on the aforementioned "Darwin."

The tracks are on the short side, and while some are satisfying as compact snippets — like the atmospheric "Gottfried Semper" — other tracks feel robbed of a proper unfolding or finish. "Van Go" for example, featuring Warp affiliate Jeremiah Jae, stands as one as the strongest songs on the album — and the only one with vocals — but running at just over two minutes, the track ends with an abruptness reserved for a demo and leaves the listener wondering if they've been cheated of half a song. (Ghostly International)
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