The Long Blondes Call It A Day

The Long Blondes Call It A Day
Sheffield, England's the Long Blondes have announced today (October 20) that they are officially calling it quits. Following the release of their second album, this year's "Couples", the posh indie band experienced a major setback in the summer when guitarist Dorian Cox suffered a debilitating stroke, forcing the band to cancel all future plans.

In a post on the band's MySpace blog, the now-recovering Cox signed off for the band with a departing message citing his condition and uncertain future as the reason for the break-up:

We have decided to call it a day.

The main reason for this is that I suffered from a stroke in June and unfortunately I do not know when/if I will be well enough to play guitar again.

On behalf of the band, I'd like to say a big thank you to anyone who ever came to one of our shows, bought one of our records or danced to one of our songs in a club. Thank you, if it wasn't for you the whole thing would have been pointless.

Finally on a personal note, thanks for all your well wishing messages.

Dorian xxx

Incidentally and perhaps fittingly, today the band release a collection in the UK called Singles (via the Angular Recording Corporation), which compiles all of the songs from the band's first four seven-inch singles, as well as rare info, pictures and early interviews with the band.

The Long Blondes "Guilt"