Ex-Long Blondes Guitarist Using "Revolutionary Mechanical Glove" Following Stroke

Ex-Long Blondes Guitarist Using "Revolutionary Mechanical Glove" Following Stroke
Former Long Blondes guitarist Dorian Cox is getting some new bionic treatment following his debilitating stroke earlier this year at age 27. In a bid to regain the use of his right hand, Cox has been outfitted with the SaeboFlex, a "revolutionary mechanical glove" that is helping him regain movement in his hand and set his life back on track.

"It's a fantastic service, it's helping tremendously and I think it can work wonders for me and others - it's almost like a gym for my hand," Cox told the Daily Telegraph of his new rehabilitation treatment. "I know things might never be the same again and nobody can give me a definite answer about whether I'll play guitar again, but I'm getting back on track with their help."

As previously reported, the Long Blondes were forced to call in a day in October following Cox's setback and the news that he would no longer be able to play guitar.

"That was a nightmare because it meant the band couldn't carry on and my livelihood had suddenly gone. But it could have been a lot worse," he said, adding: "I have to stay upbeat - there's no point dwelling on it. If I want to get back to how I was, I need to adopt a positive attitude."

Long Blondes front-woman Kate Jackson is now recording a solo album with Suede guitarist/producer Bernard Butler.

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