Lil Wayne Sheds More Light on Planned Retirement

Lil Wayne Sheds More Light on Planned Retirement
While just a couple days ago we learned of Lil Wayne's upcoming sequels to Rebirth and I Am Not a Human Being, Weezy knows he can't keep going this strong forever. A recent interview with the rapper found him contemplating slowing down and perhaps retiring from the game.

"Basically, I have been doing this for 18 years. That's reason number one," he told GQ [via Billboard]. "I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more. Also, I have a label, and I've only put out two artists [ Drake and Nicki Minaj]. I have a lot more work to do, and it'd be selfish to not focus on being the boss and focus on their projects."

Despite selling over a million copies of this year's Tha Carter IV, stepping away from the limelight would not only have Wayne focusing on his Young Money brethren, but his family too. He has his children's future to think about.

"The main reason is my kids," he confessed. "Now, if I thought I'd be selfish to my artists, imagine what I think I would be doing to my kids.

"I have enough money that they don't have to ever do anything -- which, they will do everything, 'cause they ain't getting shit. Six [more] years, I can do this Lil Wayne thing, and my boys will be about seven and eight years old. And man, it's all about them then. You know, whatever they're doing. Sports. Whatever they're into. That's where I am. I'm at every game. I'm the dad with the hat on. The jersey. That's me."

Granted, the showbiz retirement claims has been a cliché for sometime now (see Jay-Z, Waka Flocka Flame, M.I.A.), and this isn't the first time he's talked about hanging it up, but many will no doubt be sad when Wayne finally sets off into the sunset.